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HP Labs Press Events 2001 - 2007

HP Labs Press Events 2001 - 2007

Profile: Information for international IT-Press and Analysts concerning new HP products and technology

Locations: Limassol / Cyprus, Faro / Portugal, Deauville / France, Kos / Greece, Costa Adeje / Tenerife, Paris Disneyland / France, Lisbon / Portugal

Timeframe: 2 - 3 days per event; Installation 1 - 2 weeks; Dismantling 1 week; Project length 4 months

Participants: Approx. 500 newsman and 20 analysts per event

Equipment: New products, network Web-Access, back-office infrastructure

Extras: Installation of Wireless Internet cafés and international telephone conference. Organizing music for entertainment program (Deauville)


  • Creative input for the preparation of the presentations
  • Logistics organization for the transportation of equipment within the project timeframe
  • Install and maintain all infrastructure
  • As required, assist in product presentation on the basis of in-depth knowledge of new products
  • Dismantle and pack all equipment
  • Event management in association with the customer's representative and the location owner


  • Demanding technical public
  • Required to master products still in development as a basis for the installation
  • Integrate live telephone conference
  • Supporting international performers
  • Theft prevention