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LFP Masterclass 2008

LFP Masterclass 2008 - Munich

HP Masterclass Event 2008 for Photographers, Artists and Designer

Within this project we have faced a totally new challenge. Beside our normal business like: equipment organization, installation, onsite support we had also to execute the online registration and online payment process. Up to this date we had only executed this once - within the planning of the "Security Roadshow 2008".

The number of participants for this show was up to 150 people, splitted into 3 sessions and in addition, to a special workshop of the famous photographer Mr. "Thomas Hoepker".

This event was hold in several European cities like Amsterdam, Munich, etc.

We had lots of fun to "look over the borders" and experience new business and of course to learn that challenges like this had been executed by us in the usual reliable and perfect way!

As you can read under our section customer references, you will learn that in addition, our customer was also very very confident with our service.

Of course - we are ready to take over such an event again!

A big thank you to our customer of letting us experience this adventure!