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New Product introduction in Abu Dhabi

New Product introduction in Abu Dhabi 

This product introduction of the latest products in the DesignJet Graphic area had been for us the highlight in the first half of year. 
We have had a deja vu as the event location was in the United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi. In 2006 we have been there with the same category and 26to of products. Our customer and we love to recall this wonderful event from 2006. People are still talking about that in those days.

This event had been also a logistical master piece. Bringing products and material from different corners in Europe and UAE to one event location in Abu Dhabi and of course also vers versa. 
After 15 years of oversee freight we had, for the first time ever, been controlled twice by customs and only because of the very good paperwork and proof documentation we were allowed to continue. At the end the whole event was not affected at all about that, not delay no missing product!

This was also thanks to our very good local partnership:

Matthias and Shankar, you have done a brilliant job. Thank you so much!!

For this event we were responsilbe for:

-    Organisation and coordination for all requested event products and IT infrastructure
-    Logistical organisation and coordination of the oversee transport as well taking care for shipment documents   and custom clearance 
-    Set up, Installation and maintaining the overall event IT infrastructure 
-    Productpresentation and handling during the event 
-    Dismantling the IT areas and diverting the products to their multiple return addresses 
-    Organisation of the different return transports 
-    Event-management in close team work with customers event coordinator

In addition, we were allowed to see, transport and coordinate our customers latest development in the Graphic Area. This view into the future was for all of us a very exciting journey.

It was our utmost pleasure to work with such special HP Event team. We have had a lot of fun. You are all simply great!

We all would like to say a big thank you to all of you. Thank you for all the trust over all those years in us and our company!

The feedback from our client shows how well the event went:

"Dear ComXpert Designjet lovers,

With a bit of delay, we wanted to take a moment now that we are back in ‘ normal’ work to really thank you for the amazing preparation and execution for Abu Dhabi. We are working together now for a while and we have really appreciated your flexibility and professionalism which make your contribution so reliable and so great to experience as a team for us! This has been an amazing event and a big credit goes to you! MERCI ! Micol, Susan, The-Hien, Victor, Carlos and Sophie"

"Doro, Ralf, Indeed – thank you so much for your contribution and the perfect work, Thomas"