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Viscom Messen 2011

Viscom Fairs 2011

Madrid, 6th to 8th of October 2011

Our services was ordered in very short notice. We had only 3 more weeks to go.

Within this timeframe we managed to order all supplies, organised transport and egineer support as well as local return support of the big units.

We placed, installed, supported and de installed onsite FB500, LX850 and a L25500.


Duesseldorf, 13th to 15th of October 2011

Together with the event owner of our customer we took care of the ordering of the booth as well as truck surface outside the halls.

Crew hotel booking and badge organisation was mandatory for us. All organisational work together with the fair was done by comXpert GmbH.

Right before the fair we took care of all print out material and brochures. Funny gifts given out by our customers for a little money donated for the "Welthungerhilfe" (see chairs below).

Supplies for the graphic printers as well as all technical preparations had been organized by our company too. Onsite we are responsible for the technic, electricity and support of the printers on the booth as well as handling of the working crew.

We placed, installed and supported FB500, LX850, L25500 and DJ 6200 60".

A very interesting and complex job for us which we highly enjoy to do. Thank you to our customers trust in us.


Milano, 2nd to 3rd of November, 2011

During this fair we were responsible for the installation and support of the graphic machines of HPs' partners. We set-up, calibrated and run the machines and gave support if there occured any problems during the show.

It was fun for us to work with the partners and with HPs' responsible mangers on the booth.