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RPS Kundenprojekt durchgeführt von comXpert

RPS customer project excecuted by comXpert GmbH

What is a HP Photo Center?
This is an overall solution for the digital photo retail area. The customers have the possibility to change their digital photos to normal print outs, photo books, calendars, photo greeting cards, posters or put them simpley on cd or dvd.


Configuration and maintenance of multiple HP Photo Center on the basis of different hardware solutions
sample printing on these different solutions for fairs, exhibitions and customer trainings
transport, installation and trainings on different hardware solutions for fairs, exhibitions and customer trainings
Project budgeting (calculation and monitoring)
Locations: Dettenhausen, customer sites

Timeframe: different projects within the project in 2009

Participants: 6 (trainings) - 1000 and more (fairs)

Equipment: HP Photo Center, which contains the following units:

Input options (touchscreen customer interface, consumer scanner)
Fulfillment station
HP Photosmart CL 2000, HP Photosmart PM2000e, HP Photosmart ML1000
HP Enlargement Printer
HP CD/DVD Expansion Kit
HP Standard Film Scanner

Extras: Goal is to increase the trainings and hand ons for photo customers and discounters on the HP Photo Center.In detail they have the opportunity to look inside the units and become familiar to work with them. Also a goal is to teach them on printing photo books, greeting cards, poster, calender, photo cds and dvds.Overall goal, to sell as much photo centers as possible in the World!