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HP Laser SIB Tour 2015/2016

HP Laser SIB tour 2015/2016

comXperts' new Roadshow Concept

comXpert has planned and executed a lot of product roadshows all over the World within the last 18 years. In these current times our customers demand a lot of services and have a high understanding of the quality we deliver but unfortunately, they have to go through the highest budget cuts ever seen within the last years.

Based on this situation, we developed a new cost saving roadshow concept in an internal brainstorm meeting in August 2015. After comxpert had presented this concept to its customers, they were more than enthusiastic that this cost saving model will help them potentially to present their new products in a reasonable budget frame to their customers.

We have received directly the order of 4 trailers to be build, foiled and equipped with products.

Having a high level skilled team on board (interior designer, printing and car wrapping specialists, technical specialists and event managers) it was mandatory that we had to take the full responsibility for this project.

After the build of the trailers our car wrapping department took over and foiled the trailers with the given event theme.

Having a nicely outfit and nice interior our technical specialists were challenged to do their job and build the latest technology into the trailers, secure them and connect them.

In parallel our skilled event management team was busy to call the potential partners of our customer and set up the training dates, schedule the flow of the trainings and checked the parking situation onsite.

After the last called was fixed we could start now with this exceptional roadshow.

Within 2 month comXpert trained 100 partner companys (approx.. 1000 partner employees) of our customer within Germany, Great Britain and Ireland. Presented this new roadshow concept on 3 big customer events and earned a lot of applause for this brilliant idea.

The detailed product training was also executed from comXperts’ very skilled and long term IT specialists and trainers.

Having received very good feedback, once from our customer as well as from their partners, confirmed and proofed our new roadshow concept.

For the first half of 2016 we have received detailed orders for this training project which are pausing now for the summer break. It will continue then from September 2016 on.