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HP Technical Roadshow 2007

HP Technology Roadshow 2007

Profile: HP Product Launch for Commercial Printing

Locations: Warsaw, Prague, Dubai, Casablanca, Lisbon, Milano, Rome, Budapest, Birmingham, Stockholm, Moscow, Istanbul, Johannesbourg

Timeframe: 4 months; Event length 1 - 2 days; Project preparation 3 months

Participants: 200 per country per day

Equipment: Large format printers, network, WLAN, Web-Access, back office infrastructure

Extras: Dry run with all products and presenters to be staged at comXpert (approx. 50 participants). We will be for the first time in Morocco


Provide all required devices and infrastructure
Logistics organization (air freight) for the transportation of equipment within the project timeframe
Install and maintain all infrastructureAs required, assist in product presentation on the basis of in-depth knowledge of new products
Dismantle and pack all equipment
Event management in association with the customer's representative and the location owner

Moscow and Morocco will be our main challenges
Required to master products still in development as a basis for the installation
In part, inadequate on-site infrastructure
Complex customs procedures
Extreme time pressure with no margin for error
Theft prevention