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Printonomics Roadshow 2010

Printonomics Roadshow 2010

A combined mega project resulting out of the former IPG customer and channel partner roadshow 2009

In times of worldwide financial crises and global insecurity, everybody has the goal to save money and change his well tried concepts. Even our customers and comXpert.

Our customers goal is to hold up the famous and very popular roadshow in a high quality, execute it in an increasing amount of countries - despite all the financial cuts they will have to face in the future.

It has been not very surprising for us that there was an increasing demand of different divisions within the last 5 years to join this outstanding and successful roadshow.

Finally, it would mean a potential saving to combine different divisions with one roadshow.

This indeed, brought out very difficult planning conditions for us:

We are holding and calculating the entitle transport and technic budget for all divisions.
We are handling and organizing the complete technical equipment request for the roadshow. We buy and install new equipment and partner software. Create in adjustment with the customer the technical sessions.
We calculate and organize the transport routes for both divisions.
In addition, we issue the custom and transport documents.
We help our partners in the 12 countries to chose the right event hotel.
... and in advance - every session will be pre-installed, tested and filmed.
For us - every item features our job, executed with enthusiasm and quality!