Security Tour 2007

Security Tour 2007

From 13th of March till 20th of April, 2007

Profile: technical and logistical planning, country planning, consultancy and execution of technical stops. Installation of equipment and infrastructure as well as technical onsite support.

This time we are also responsible for the translations of praesentations, speaker bookings and website registration.

Location: France, Spain, ISE countries (Poland, Hungary, Czech, Slovenia), U.K., Danemark

Timeframe: 2 1/2 months of planning and organization, 1/2 day for setup, 1 day core event and 1 day for disassembly

Visitors: approximately 30 preferred partner/stop

Equipment: MFP printers have been installed with different security solutions


  • Technical planning and consultancy
  • Coordination of country stops
  • Coordination of presentation translations
  • Speakerbooking
  • Development and organisation of registration website
  • Organization of all hardware and the required infrastructure
  • Logistics organization and transport of equipment
  • Installation and setup of equipment and all infrastructure
  • Support of the show
  • Dismantling of equipment and infrastructure


To have all in time ready!